Monday, October 15, 2007

My Safe Florida Home Program

A Realtor friend of mine emailed me this info the other day. I jsut requested our inspection and am hoping it gets us a nice discount, I could use to save some on my insurance to bring my mortgage down some. LOL This is only for Florida Residence.

Florida Statute 627.0629 REQUIRES insurance companies to give homeowners DISCOUNTS on their wind insurance!

In order to qualify, homeowners must get a FREE Inspection through a state-certified Wind Certification Entity.

Visit this site and follow their instructions. Feel free to call the company and they will tell you your region. I had to call and they were super friendly. CLICK HERE
Just make sure you select the code they ask you to on the state form, as I'm sure the state pays them for this inspection and they want to be sure of getting the credit for it and to get the job.

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