Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thinking back on time past

As I heard about the group Now I Lay me Down Sleep today and I visited their website tonight I sat here with tears in my eyes, sad at the thought that some little ones never get a chance to make it and at the same time so very thankful my 2 boys are healthy.
I also felt kinda of bad for the fact that I complain when my boys fight, or they misbehave, but these are truly the joys of parenthood that some people never get to enjoy or experience as the only experience of parenthood they get to deal with is burying their newly born child. And as I sat here weeping I had to go sit in my little ones room and pull him out of bed and hug him and stroke his hair.
As I checked out the little goose egg on his forehead from falling on the tile tonight. And I sat there looking at him with a new sense of wonderment.

He is going to be 5 in July and is such a bright boy as is his older brother and it just really amazes me how smart my boys are and how they have grown from the tiny little babies they both were at one point to the big guys they are now. I would say little men but if my oldest reads this he would take offense since he is going to be the big 13 in June :| OH I'M GOING TO HAVE A TEEN ON MY HANDS. SOMEONE HELP ME LOL

So next time your kids are not behaving as you would like and you must put them in their place remember it really is just another joy of being a parent, jsut as it is their job I think not listen ;)

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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