Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Trying to start a rose bush from seed

So I'm stopped at a red light the other day and there are all these rose bushes in the median, I'm in the turn lane and they are within arms reach so silly me reaches out and pinched off a rose hip that was ripe and ready for picking hehe. SO now I have this little baby to try and grow.

I've done some reading and I know I need to give it time in the fridge and I keep getting suggestions of soaking the seed in peroxide. HUMM kinda curious as to what that does but I guess I'll try it lol. I'm going to soak it in the peroxide and then going to use the wet paper towel in a baggy method, but it says to leave it in the fridge with the paper towel so I guess rose seeds are a bit diff from normal seeds they like to take sprout in the dark lol. I've tried this in the past with no luck but I don't think the rose hips were any good.
This one was a nice bright orange and the seed is a sinker in water which from what I've read is a good thing.
SOOO wish me luck and I'll keep things updated if it actually sprouts lol.

I should end up with some type of antique rose as thats what I got the seed from.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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