Thursday, May 8, 2008

Being a Mom Comes First

A month ago my 4 year started getting these strange bumps on his elbows, I didn't think to much of it, thought maybe its was a case of like psoriasis as it runs in my family. Well then 2 weeks ago he came down with a tummy bug and for 2 days could not hold anything down, not even water. Then all was fine for a week.
Now fast forward to this past Sun and he started with diarrhea again but it was just that, now mind you he has always had a sensitive stomach so for him to have something linger like this isn't to odd. But then on Tues after being in Pre-K I had to pull over to the side of the road and he got sick again. So I took him to the Dr yesterday and come to find out the bumps and the tummy thing are all related. She says he has a viral infection that is going to have to just run its course. He has now been put on a very restricted diet of bananas, toast and crackers till this passes.
I sent him to school today and got myself back to work today but I can't help but feel terrible that I had to send him to school. He is truly not right but the Dr gave him the ok to go back just to stick to the diet thing.

I hate that even though I'm a mom I have to put my kids in someone elses care so we have food on the table and bills paid.

This is one of the many dilemmas Moms now a days face and I know this but it still sucks to feel guilty about making money for the sake of the family.

Ok end of my sob story sigh,

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~
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