Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Game a holic - I think its safe to say I am

Starting back in Oct 06 I found a game called Second Life, I loved the game so much that I literally became obsessed with what my friends in the game thought about me being around or not than what my family did, it even lead to relationships that ended up being closer than they should have been. I hurt my hubby over it I hurt us over it. We have moved on, I continued to play the game but found a more business aspect to the game and started to create clothing in Photoshop.
This has turned out to be a good thing and keeps a small income coming in from that.
I however have stepped away from Second Life since then I have my character, i have a shop where I sell my stuff but I do not play really anymore. I wanted to be with my family again and not get lost in a fantasy world.

My hubby is no stranger to these games either he likes his Star Wars Galaxies and a few other MMORPG games. Well here is where a new addiction steps in "sigh" we have started playing this one called Fiesta together. Its fun we are leveling together and stuff but now here it is midnight hubby has been in bed for like 2 hrs and I just got done playing.

I know this is a problem for me, but everytime I try and stay away from one he drags me in. I suppose it is not a bad thing as long as I don't lose myself to a fantasy world again.

So hey if you play any of these games look me ;)

Second Life - Nicoletta Giovinazzo - Shop: Couture Prims
Fiesta - Server: Bijou - Katianarose

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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