Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How Scary of a Movie can you Handle

UnknownI’m not so big on scary movies, even as an adult they make me have creepy nightmares LOL. My hubby is sort of into scary movies, he likes the older ones and knows which ones are what pretty well. He also has a sick sense of humor and get s a laugh out of some Horror Movies LOL

It makes me feel so silly that at almost 29 I will still get freaked over something I know is not real.

After watching something scary if I go outside I’m brought to always looking around me to make sure nothing strange is happening around me, or I start hearing stuff that really isn’t there lol I swear I’ve gone so delusional sometimes.

My kids have a hard time with just seeing the Trailer to a scary movie sometimes and will just hide their eyes when they realize what is getting ready to come on.

So on that note there is this new movie coming out called Frontier(s) its came out in only select theaters May 9th see select theater listings and is out on DVD Today. Kind of an odd release for a Movie but hey ok cool.

If your into scary movies go check this movie out.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~
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