Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to School - Came sooner than expected

This school year promises to be interesting. My little one who just turned five 3 weeks ago will be starting kindergarten in 3 weeks (August 18) He is a very hard little guy to talk to, he does not understand the concept of time yet and gets a whole conversation confused in no time.

I am freaked out because I am going to have to trust my 13 yr old son to watch his brother in the mornings and get him on the bus. Then I have to trust that teachers will be around to usher him around for the day and then make sure he gets on the right bus in the afternoon.

When he gets dropped off my friend is going to be there to pick him up and take him to her house till I get off work.

All in all this really sounds perfect but I know my little guy and I can see how this can go wrong on so many levels. He is still seems like such a baby to me and I don't know if he truly is ready for big kid school.

His daycare that he has been in since he was 9 weeks old has had him in their pre-k class since he was 3 so I know he is pretty well prepared but still I worry so much.

Plus I work 50 miles away from home. So much can happen and I'm so far away.

SO yes I am a freaked out mommy and I don't really get it besides the whole bus situation. I think that is what bothers me. My oldest never rode a bus, his school had an after school program that watched him so I dropped him off at school and picked him up at school after work.

I also need to go and start getting these 2 their supplies. THANKFULLY both of them have a small very limited list of things they need.

SO this is me with a kid in Kindergarten and a kid in 8th grade. (shhh don't mention that means one more year till High school and OMG he is now a teen GASP)

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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