Thursday, July 10, 2008

Library Book Stack :D

After living in our house now for over 2 years now in a different county than we used to live in I finally ventured out this past Saturday and took the little one to the Library. He amazingly was super well behaved picked out tons of books and sat quietly looking at them so Mommy could get this stack of books for herself.

I've had them here all week and really the only ones I've got around to paging through were the graphic arts ones and the 8 minutes in the morning. Which I loved that one so much I'm going on and buying a cheap copy lol.

I'm going to bring these back Saturday morning and grab some How to draw books :P I have a huge drawing pad and want to start using it. I also might search harder for some computer books like Photoshop and such.

I think we might start making this an every saturday morning routine, get up early and go to the library for a little bit.

This Saturday I also am taking the Mr Big 5 yr old to Lowes for the create and grow kids thing they hold every other Saturday. This week they are making a dune buggy car I believe.

Then in the afternoon we are having his birthday party with friends coming over. Its his first friend birthday party.

I'm sure I will be throughly exhausted by the end of the day LOL.

Well need to go nighters for now.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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