Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dealing with a Teen and Kiddo - BACK TO SCHOOL

Ok so the school year has started, I am very happy to have my little one in Kindergarten, he was so excited. First day he could not stop talking about what went on and his new friends. I was so happy to be able to have taken the day off and been at home for him when he got home.

All of this is over shadowed though by my 13 yr old who wants to be impossible this year I guess. 2nd day of school we leave with the explicit directions for him to "CALL ME" as soon as he puts his brother on the bus. 10 mins after he should have called me I'm calling him and get a slight chuckle and a "Oh sorry I forgot" AGGGH I'm like "You can call me for every other little thing that is totally insignificant but can't remember to call me when it is important?" Then when we get home I could tell something had been cooking in the oven and I managed to figure it out what it was before confronting him, then go in and ask what did you cook and he tells me what but says it was in the morning. I'm like "Oh really this morning?" him "yeah", so I'm like "so why in the world is the oven hot then?" DEAD SILENCE. Does he not get it that you can not get anything past your mother. ESPECIALLY ME.

On top of that last year he had a serious issue with being lazy and not doing his work and well since he is in all advance classes he doesn't have room to be lazy. We had a nice discussion before school went back that he would not do that this year and then last night its already back. He answered "1" math problem in flipping 2 hrs and didn't get started on the rest till we got home and I got all over his case. And then it took all night because the final problem the teacher gave them required a whole sheet of working it out to make a table for it.

I'm losing my mind slowly :|

What can I do to make him realize procrastination is going to get him no where. He has big plans for himself but if he stays on this path of lazyness and waiting he is gonna screw it all up for himself. He has already screwed up being able to go to International Baccalaureate High School I would have loved for him to go to. I'm sure the few "Fs" he got last year from not doing his work will prevent that, even with his Outstanding Top of The Class State Testing (FCAT) scores. (Which is the only reason he is in 8th grade this year)

Well I must go on about my day and stop thinking about these stresses for now SIGH.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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