Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Improvement can be a PAIN!!!!

Ok so for the past few months my husband and I have been working on a desk for him. We got the desk part done without much hassles or fighting with each other.

Just this past month we got this idea of moving our boys into one room and using the one bedroom as an office to get our desks out of the living room and our bedroom and move ourselves into one room together. So we started the process got our oldest out of the room and got him settled into the other room and the boys are fine with this set up.
We then got busy with painting the room the way we wanted it and it is now this beautiful brown with border around the center of the room that is gold with hints of brown in it. I have now at this point fallen in love with the way the room is looking.

Here is now where the PAIN starts :| Last week we moved my husbands desk into the room. THE HUGE BEHEMOTH OF A DESK, we slid it in on its back without taking it apart because he didn't want to weaken it at all. With the help of my oldest son we manged to get it in there. I however needed that extra help because I have been suffering from what I guess is tennis elbow so the slightest strain on my arm hurts like heck. (PAIN #1)

This weekend my husband tells me to go ahead and get my desk cleaned off and start getting myself moved in. Well in order to do this the sides of desk had to get swapped for the fact that his desk was going to be blocking the one side of my desk which was the side I originally was using to hold my computer. Well in the process of reassembling my desk one of the screw heads sliced my finger open. (PAIN #2) Ensued much cursing at my desk and this whole plan and at my husband since he wasn't helping me.

On Friday he had started working on the hutch part of his desk at least on how he had envisioned it, see this is why his desk we didn't fight over. I helped design it and it came out right. He decided he could take on the hutch without my help and cut it wrong in several spots. He also got this brilliant idea to bring the top of the hutch out as far as the desktop.
Once I had gotten myself about 90% moved in the room he decided to get huffy about how long it was taking for me to start helping him finish his hutch. I get up and start helping and he asks me to grab something off the desk and as I walk over to grab it I proceed to whack my forehead on this horribly placed top of the hutch. (PAIN #3) After much crying and cursing at the desk and him and anything else that got in my way we went about working on this hutch and fighting over the mismeasured pieces.

Well after much fighting he decides SCREW having a hutch and starts taking it apart. Asks me to move some stuff again and what do I do but whack my forehead again on the hutch top but this time twice as hard since I'm now moving out of anger. (PAIN #4) Now in a fit of pain and rage I turn and punch the wall and leave a hole in my new freshly painted wall :( and a nasty bruise on my hand which the rest of that day felt like I had broke something. (PAIN #5)

So all in all I was now nursing 2 lumps on my forehead (lucky if I didn't have a concusion) a very sore hand and sore elbow from all the work it had been through and all in a all a headache because well this was a headache of a project.

Pictures will follow of the very nice room once the finishing touches are taken care of.

SOO over all this weekend was a big OUCH!@$@$@#!@! LMAO

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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