Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Favorite Firefox Plugins

A While back I had discussed doing a post regarding what Add-Ons (Extensions whatever you might call them) that I use that help me through out the day. SOO I finally opened up Add-Ons acnd checked out what the names of all these were lol. I also managed to clean house some and get rid of ones I have no use for.

1. GMail Manager - This supports multiple gmail boxes as well as gmail for domains. It gives you a quick overview of your most recent emails and I use it continuously throughout the day to check my different emails. You can also set it to make a little tone when you get a new email and ahve different tones for each box so you know which one got a new email.

2. IE Tab - This little nifty guy sits at the bottom of Firefox as one little icon and with just a click you can change from viewing a page in Firefox to IE without ever leaving your Firefox window.

3. GreaseMonkey - Well honestly the only reason I have this installed is because of this app for Blogger Which makes it so you can post in your tag words for Technorati easily. But it makes doing a new post easy :)

4. Forecastbar Enhanced - Now don't be fooled it has to be the Enhanced version because with this one you get a 640 x 480 radar with animation that will pop up from the bottom of Firefox with jsut a hover over. I love havign that and pop it up several times a day to see whats up and plus it gives you your current and up coming forecasts on the bottom of Firefox also.

5. Foxmarks - I find this so useful as well as it has saved me many times in that it stores my bookmarks and passwords and keeps my computer at home and my computer at work in sync. Plus if you ahve a computer that crashes and you need to reformat no need to worry about backing up bookmarks and passwords saved because they are automatically backed up for you all the time.

6. ReloadEvery - This little app shows up when you right click on a page, you can choose to have a page reload every 5, 10, 30 secs or 1, 5, 30 min as presets or you can do your own custom time. I have found it great during Twitter Parties to reload but it also works great for eBay if your watching an auction closely you can have the page reload every 5 secs till it ends to make sure you win lol.

7. CoolIris - Well I have posted about this app before back when it was called piclens but hey why not sing some more praise :) this app is so nice to use when looking at images on Google Images as it will load all of them with a nice black background and you can scroll through them all at one glance to find what your looking for so much faster.

8. TwitterFox - This just gives you little pop ups showing you new Tweets for the people you follow. I find it nice to use keeps me up to date on whats up and it does not seem to have the same limits in place that other Twitter apps do. Not sure if I'm right on that but I've never seemed to hit a limit.

9. Addictive Typing Lessons & Numpad Typing Drills - Just helps me get my typing speeds up but they are addictive just like they say.

So here is what my Firefox is cluttered with that I really could not live without lol. Believe me I feel so weird when I sit at a computer that does not have these installed and feel lost lol.

Hope you enjoy and hey leave me a comment of your favorites so I can try them out.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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