Thursday, July 2, 2009

Come on Life put em up!! We are duking it out

Yesterday I got some great news, our mortgage co is working with us to help us get caught up in a way they never would have before. In a way we can work with and not be screwed, yesterday was great, I was happy and relived.

Then last night comes with making 2 Baked Zitis one of which my hubby was taking to work for a Pot Luck. The other was our dinner. All he could do was complain there was not enough meat in it. I just don't see how he can not see this comment of "Its good but not meaty enough" as not being insulting after all I just did for him. But ok we got over that, not so off the typical for us to get into it over something like that.

Now fast forward to this morning. I walk out to the garage to get his uniform and notice water on the floor coming from under the washer. (I am immediately getting a flashback to April 06, 4 months after we bought the house and had mysterious water coming out onto the garage floor from a crack between the garage floor and foundation of the house. It was a leak under our kitchen, under the foundation :( ) Ok so I am now assuming we have a new leak in the same vicinity and will have to have the floor under the fridge jack hammered yet again and have more pipe fixed. So there goes the break we are getting from the mortgage co sigh. I'm gonna have to get like a $400 - $500 loan from my boss and get this fixed but we can't do it till next Friday as no one is gonna be around till then to be around all day for our plumber to come fix this. SOO until this time we get to have fun with keeping the water off to the house until we desperately need to run water. Turn it on get all our stuff done and get it turned back off for a week, sigh this will prove to be a huge PITA

Thank you Karma for kicking my ass once again but I will prevail, I will beat you back down.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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  1. Way TOO much fun for one week.

    Chin up. Screw karma.


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