Saturday, January 2, 2010

Already Slacking

I said part of my 365 project was to do a blog post once a day and sigh here it is Jan 2nd and this will be my first post. Yesterday was kinda of a bad day, it was a rainy sleepy day and everyone was in a pissy mood and at each others throats. Probably why I didn't get to this.

Sooo anyways today was a bit better, we got some much needed cleaning done around here to start the new year off with a straightened up house. Even got Kason busy and he wiped down all the cabinets at his level in the kitchen, he did quite a decent job.

Went and got a card table set and now are using the chairs at the dining room table. The ones that were here when we moved in have long since crapped out and we just never got around to getting some new chairs.

Well gonna go relax my evening away and will try and post again tomorrow.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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