Thursday, June 17, 2010

Job Postings Piss Me Off :P

Nothing irks me more than to see a job posting for a position not much different than the job I currently have and to see something like this "PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS AD IF YOU HAVE NOT GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE. PARTIAL COLLEGE COURSES COMPLETED WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.*** YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE IN OFFICE MANAGEMENT FOR A MINIMUM OF 2 YEARS." And a Qualification listed as "Bachelor's degree preferred/Associates considered as commensurates with environment and one year related experience and/or training in a business office environment."
This was in a job posting for an Office Manager.

I come across stuff like this all the time and well I'm sure your asking well why does it irk you. Believe me I am not knocking going to college or think its not necessary, I do however find it a bit absurd to make it a requirement for a job that having a college degree has nothing to do with it.

I am one I've always wanted to go to college but started my family early and well that time is going to have to wait for now. However in that time I have gained so much life experience. Something "some" college grads are not even going to be able to offer because they have been in a classroom. Mind you I said some not all.

I just feel I have missed out in life on having the chance at a position based solely on this fact that I have not made it to college yet. However they are missing out on some decent skills that not everyone would have to offer.
I can run your office, work in any program you need me to on your computer, I'll figure it out if I haven't been in it before believe me. And if an issue arises with a computer I can fix it so there you are saving money by not having to hire an outside source.

So basically this certain posting pissed me off and I gave the person what for LOL. Its no skin off my teeth I'm not looking for a job so why not give someone a piece of my mind lol.

Here is what that lucky person got in an email.

"I just wanted to write to you to mention that demanding someone have graduated college to run your office is a bit absurd. You do not seem to realize the quality of candidates you are missing out on by having that as a requirement. I for one am someone that has the same if not more experience as someone that has been through college. And also not only do you get someone fully capable of running an office without constant supervision but you also get someone that is able to fix computer issues when they arise without having to hire an outside source to fix it.
I'm not trying to apply for the position nor am I trying to waste your time, I just want you to realize in this current job market requiring someone to have graduated college to have a position like this is just not right and you very well might not end up with someone as qualified as you could if you opened your options up more.

I see these type job offers and it irks me to no end to think well gee I could offer this person everything they are looking for but I guess I'm not good enough even though I have even more to offer then what they are looking for."

Hope they didn't take offense to it, they just caught me on a bad day lol.

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