Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Time

Thats right today is November 1st which means tomorrow is Election Day. And I just have a few things to say from my non party affiliated opinionated self.
I'm looking at posts from our local radio station today on Facebook and I see them making a big joke out of it

"If you haven't voted yet, we're urging you to vote tomorrow for the legendary MICKEY MOUSE for Governor. We're betting he at least knows the minimum wage in the state of Florida. :) Let your voice be heard!"

Seriously don't they realize alot of people really do take their advice and this could be the worst advice ever. Ok fine you don't want to say go vote for this person or that person that is ACTUALLY running I get that, you have to stay impartial. But honestly that is just telling people go waste your vote.

My best advice to anyone and able to stay impartial IS "Vote for whom ever you feel is the lesser of the evils." Thats it, they all have some agenda up their sleeves for wanting to be in office. They will all screw us up in one way or another, but at least if you vote for someone who is running you then have a right to complain when whoever gets in screws everything up.

And if the person you voted for didn't win then you have the luxury of saying yep they are screwing everything up and it is not my doing. I didn't vote for them.

So if you didn't vote early and will be voting tomorrow, keep this in mind. DON'T THROW YOUR VOTE AWAY. Your ballet is not the time to try and make a point. It will be a point fallen on deaf ears.

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