Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going Forward

I spent the weekend being very productive for a change, got lots of odds and ends done around the house. I'm totally itching to have a yard sale. But so far every weekend something has come up to prevent that. Its driving me nuts LOL

I decided to change my couponing system YET AGAIN lol, the binder thing with the 9 pockets wasn't working for me. My time is very limited as it is and I just couldn't keep up with the amount of coupons coming in to clip them and sort them and the worst part getting them in their pockets.

I got these cute accordion file boxes at Staples on Clearance for $5 so we'll see how these pan out.

I also picked up this app called Track My Coupons - Coupon Organizer and Reminder - David Nylander on the App Store for $1.99
It gives you a database of your coupons to look at when you are shopping.
You can enter the coupons through a form given on the computer then it gets imported in through an email attachment.

Was very easy to use and well worth the $1.99 to me to help me organize them this way.
Track My Coupons - Coupon Organizer and Reminder - David Nylander

Yeah no this post was not originally meant to advertise anything but I really like that app HAHA

Took the boys and my friends son to Toys R Us on Saturday for the Bricktober event they had going on and they got free lego cars. That was fun, and then I stopped and got them Free Ice Cream at Burger King :) And then spent some time at the park.

So now Moving Forward with the week. Having a Giveaway over on my Coupon Blog OOingle Totally worth checking out. Some nice Beauty items. And plsu my blog is lonely and needs a readership lol.

Catch ya later,

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