Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Whats going on lately??

Some times you can't deny who your kids are LOL
I'm thinking my corner needs a reboot, I want to post about whats going on with my life. I however don't want any flack about what I post.

Nowadays you will find me more over on my coupon blog. http://www.OOingle.com that piggy is my baby LOL.

I tried doing posts of all sorts here but figure the deals needed a home of their own.

My oldest will soon be 17!! I can not believe it. Going into the 12th grade, I'm praying he actually graduates when he is suppose to. He is a wonderful procrastinator. And procrastinating himself into a super senior if he doesn't watch himself.

My youngest will soon be 9, going into the 4th grade. I'm super proud of him for passing the state reading test that allowed him to continue to the 4th grade. 3rd grade was full of ups and downs, and we were not sure he was gonna make it. But as always near the end of the school year he does great, and ended the year with A/B honor roll for the last grading period WOOT WOOT

So thats it about the kids, I'm just cruising along trying to get the whole social media thing going for OOingle and make it a popular site. With a such a unique name it has to become something great.

Today I am listing items on ebay, gotta get some money coming in. Check out my listings HERE and also on my tab up above.

Be watching for more posts as I try to get back into the regular blogging and not just posting deals :)

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