Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm thinking I'm totally out of shape :P

Ok so we traded in some game systems and got a Wii :) this thing is sweet hehe, it came with this game called Wii Sports which has Baseball, Tennis, Bowling, Golf and Boxing. Each day it has you do a training session to test what they call your Wii age, first day I started off as a 72 lol (keep in mind ideal is 20) after a few hours playing a moving around with each game because the controls are based on Gyros so you actually get your butt off the couch and move around to play these games, anyways now my arms hurt lol. I played it again last night and my age went to a 33 WOO HOO and the training session in put me through was 3 levels of boxing and man when I got done my arms were cooking hehe. So I can see how this darn Wii could actually give me a workout lol its quite funny actually.
Early next year Nintendo will be releasing something called Wii Fit which actually has you do Core movements to exercise with slow no impact exercises. I'm looking forward to this, I can see how this really might help me lose some weight and firm up and all the while I'm laughing my butt off.

It also is so simple even Kason can play it and feels so accomplished that he is doing well. He loves the baseball game and is getting better and better at actually hitting to ball, he just needs to get his swinging the control at the right moment.

The whole thing is you have to stand like you would for the actual sport to get the movements right. And just like in real life if you get sloppy or lazy with the movement it doesn't do well. Its very cool.

We also got the Zelda - Twilight Princess, I haven't played it much but its basically the same concept, like when sword fighting you swing your controller to hit stuff. Deffinately a new way of gaming :)

We also can go to websites so its neat to browse the web on the TV, we were having fun going to You Tube and watching the videos on the TV lol.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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