Monday, November 19, 2007

Customer Support

I have to say and any of their affiliate sites lacks it quite a bit along with Sony Online Entertainment. My husband plays Star Wars Galaxies and for a long time now we have wanted play it together well we finally saw that we could get a 2nd copy of it by using a digital download and pay $10 less than if we hunted it down locally GREAT!
Friday morning I place the order for the digital download through IGNs site first I get an error saying it the order could not be processed period, then I realized I never confirmed my email so I go and do that run the order again this time being told that the order has been placed on a temporary hold till someone manually verify the order with the instructions to email their account services. Ok done
Friday comes and goes and all I received was an automated reply to my email. All weekend goes by no reply. During this time I also send a support ticket to Sony complaining about this delay and have yet to get a reply from them.
Monday has now come and gone I have sent numerous tickets to IGNs support and have also sent a fax to the customer support fax line and have sent another message to Sony and no one has replied yet. I REALLY would just like to know why they make it so damn hard to purchase a $20 game.
About the only thing I can say is the original reply I got from did say it might take up to 48 hrs to manually verify the credit card but gees after several attempts at contacting support you would think someone would at least let me know a human exists there.

Ok Vent Done. Comment tell me if I over reacted or not LMAO

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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