Monday, January 28, 2008

The new puppy

So we got a new puppy 2 weeks ago tomorrow. She was 7 weeks old on Sat. We named her Astral. She is a beautiful black dog. No idea what mix of breed she is but she is a cutie.Honestly how can you not just adore this face :)

Now the fun begins, sigh. I decided she needed a bath 2 weekends ago and must have gotten water in her one ear and it started an ear infection, so her first visit to the vet this weekend included her ear being poked at, at least it was just a bacterial infection, and the meds are already clearing it up.

Stats: 7 weeks old and already 7 lbs, and the vet confirms it looks like she is gonna be a big dog lol. Don't let the picture up above fool ya though, she isn't as tall as the couch portrays, its the camera angle.

Otherwise its really been great, she is training so easily, asks to go out refuses to even have an accident on any carpet. She will throw a conniption till she is allowed to get out of a carpeted room, then yes she might have an accident but at least its on the tile. We are all doing pretty good to make sure she gets outside in time so she gets the idea.
~Mom with a Scattered Mind~
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