Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tax Time

I am the one that is responsible for getting the W2s printed and to the employees on time at work. And boy have I been feeling it the past 2 weeks while I was waiting for the accountant to tell us that all the numbers were fine. Everyday I had one of the guys calling to ask when they would be getting their W2s.

Um hello guys yes I get it, you want them, I want mine too, but bugging me daily is not gonna make it happen any faster. Last I checked I am not the certified CPA lol.

Thankfully yesterday I got the call saying they are fine and the guys all know now they will get them Thurs WHEW finally peace.

I will be filing my own taxes soon, looks to be another good year, thank goodness for kids LMAO.

I'm contemplating signing up for a class to be able to prepare taxes next year. I do it on the side in a none professional sense every year using for Family and Friends but the weird thing about it I enjoy it and think that is something I might enjoy doing the few months of tax time each year lol.

Well gotta get back on schedule so

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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