Friday, April 11, 2008

Hey PSSST Mommy Bloggers I got something to tell you

Are you a Mommy? Are you a Blogger? Better yet are you a Mommy Blogger? Would you like to make money from your blogging? Do I have your attention yet?

Well then I have something to tell you about. Its something new from IZEA the same people that made PayPerPost and the IZEARanks, its called SocialSpark and it is a whole new way for Advertisers and Bloggers to join together.

You have new options for making money, either with a post like this one here, or you can have your blog sponsored where you get a welcome mat and a bar at the bottom of your page for whatever duration of time you agree upon.

Either way you can continue staying at home raising your kids and make a little extra money while you are at it, maybe even some big money depending on how many opportunities you take and how much of a writer you are on your blog.

SocialSpark is a bit different as you can post questions about the opportunities and chat with other bloggers, you as blogger can post opportunities if you would like even.

You can even have dialogue with the advertisers, so if there is an opportunity posted that you feel would be prefect for you blog but it says you do not qualify, you could talk with the advertiser and state your case and you might still get the opportunity. Now has that been possible on any of the other sites? I do not believe so.

So if you want to stay at home with your kids, make some money for writing on your blog which you already do anyways, well make sure you come check out SocialSpark because as they say they love Mommy Bloggers.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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