Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kids grow up so fast

My oldest son is 12 years old, will be 13 in June. Last week he informs me that he asked a little girl out at school and she said yes. This week I have been watching his Myspace page ever so close and its just to cute what conspires. She is his Baby Gurl, he is her Boo, they keep sending messages to each other saying love you and they want to go to a movie this weekend.

What I think is the sweetest is he says that not everyone that likes him, likes her and they keep asking why is going out with her and he told me that he doesn't care what they think, that he really likes her. (Now where were those type boys when I was that age?)

Makes me believe that no matter what happens I really must have done something right for him to have that type of mentality.

So heres to the on coming teen years and may he not break to many hearts LMAO

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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