Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting Down to the Dark and Scary of Life

Well I know I have not posted much in the past few weeks since the kiddos went back to school and I have good reason even though posting something might have been better medicine then sitting muddling in my own thoughts.

On the 18th when the kids started back I went to our regular Dr which actually was my first visit with him. We had a nice long discussion about family history (My father passed away at 33 of Congestive Heart Failure - technical term used as cause of death Cardio Myopathy), and some past weird things going on with me. (ie. Heart flutters, swelling legs for no reason). They did an EKG in the office and a chest XRay. The EKG was normal but my heart was slightly enlarged. My Dr decided the best thing would be to get me set up with a cardiologist to start getting me checked out. So that following Fri I was able to get in to see the Cardiologist which let me tell you I don't think I like him. He talks 90 to nothing. Anyways that whole week leading up to seeing him I started having mild chest pains everyday while at work. By the time Friday came they did another EKG and that came up abnormal.

So Dr Cardiologist does up and order for a stress test and an echocardiogram to be done as soon as possible. So that now brings us to last Weds, I was at the hospital at 6:30 AM for registration and got started at 7 AM with an IV getting stuck in my arm and then injected with Diodes for the stress test heart scans. At 8 AM they did my first resting scan. At 8:30 I was supposed to start getting preped to be on the treadmill but this is where the fun begins.

The scheduling at the hospital scheduled my portion of the stress test with a Dr that was not scheduled to be at the hospital that day. The first Dr to be there for stress test was not going be arriving till 10:30. So here I am with an IV port in my arm and stuck now at the hospital for 2 hrs with nothing to do besides watch TV. Once 10:30 came around everything got back underway as planned, I still however did not get out of the hospital till 1 PM. Mind you all this time I had not been able to eat either.

On Thurs I call my Cardiologists office to try and get in to see him Friday afternoon to only find out he only is in the office from 9AM to 11 AM, I mean honestly what type of hrs are those really? So since I can't go at all next week now because of my boss being out of town the next closest appt I can have is the 19th. I started getting very upset by this time and am like "Great so I have to wait 2 weeks to even know if I'm OK or not?" to the girl scheduling me. I get a very quick hold on ma'am please calm down. She puts me on hold and I get this super nice nurse on the phone who quickly and gladly trys to see if my results are ready from the hospital which they were not. So we are now left with waiting to call her back on Tuesday to see if they are available yet. She did however leave me with one good thought that if anything were seriously abnormal they would have rushed the results.

SOOOO thats the scary going on in my world. More stress everyday. I now have a bottle of Nytroglycerin just in case. I haven't taken any yet but I've had a few occasions I've sat and wondered if I should.

Now the dark of my life is my 5 yr old who will not, will not, will not listen to his teacher or respect her. He is yelling at her, stomping his feet. Throwing temper tantrums in Time Out. Arguing with her. Now yes he does this stuff at home SOMETIMES!!! but we correct it and tell him that is not how he is to act now 2 weeks into school and all hell has broke loose.


~Mom with a Scattered Mind~


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  2. Hi Carol. I was wondering if everything was OK. My sister is also experiencing some heart irregularities too, so I know how stressful it can be; hang in there.

    I'm also sorry to hear about your 5 year old. Hopefully it is just a stage that will end soon.



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