Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Update to the Scary Stuff

Well the results of the Stress Test and Echocardiogram were both negative to anything seriously wrong. They actually showed nothing wrong.

The weekend before going to see the cardiologist for a follow up however I was having these massive heart flutters or some sort of spasm in my chest that kept taking my breath away. When I explained them to the Cardiologist he decided to put a heart monitor on me for 2 weeks to see if they could catch what is going on. So far this Thurs will be 1 week and I still don't think I have recorded any data significant to what is going on. I however am sick on having these pads stuck to me they are leaving me with horrible sore spots.

My 5 yr old got his first super star mark yesterday and actually got Treasure Box. I was so proud of him I baked him a cake LMAO.

Lets hope he can do it again today. :)

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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