Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Results Are In and.........

The drs diagnosis is, "Anxiety". The 2 week stretch of wearing a heart monitor and recording the flip flops in my chest that I have been feeling was nothing, it showed absolutely nothing wrong. My blood work for my thyroid also nothing wrong. Everything is fully normal.
He said if my job and family are that stressful to me and I feel I need something that I should go see my family dr and he should be happy to prescribe something. (yes please prescribe me a dose of i don't wanna care anymore LMAO)

So on that note I'm very happy to know this and hoping knowing this alone will make the flip flops in my chest go away LOL.

I also am thinking I'm gonna start exercising knowing that my ticker can sure as heck handle it LOL.

Now hopefully with that can get back to my little ole neglected blog.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~


  1. I hope you feel better soon! I went though a period where I was having palpitations all the time and it was stress related.

    Thanks for letting me advertise on your blog today via EC!

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