Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt - Winter Haven / Orlando - COMPLETED

Since I Live in Winter Haven, FL and work in Orlando, FL local for me is kinda spread between the 2 cities so my pictures will cover both areas. I got a Nikon CoolPix for Christmas and have taken to photography like butter to bread LOL (Ignore my strange euphemisms :P) Anyways I saw this figured it would be a good project for to try and see how well I see the world around me. Hope you enjoy.

1) local currency
Local Currency

2) local flag
American Flag

3) local food
Local Food

4) something rusty
Something Rusty

5) local wildlife
Big Hunter Spider

6) local nature
Purple Flower 2

7) local stamp
Local Stamp

8) part of your neighborhood (it can be a very small part ;)
8) part of your neighborhood (it can be a very small part ;) )
The wall at the entrance to my neighborhood, very odd and can be seen on satellite images

9) traditional house
Traditional houses

10) a local person
Michael Poses

11) local weather
Local Weather

12) local transportation
Local Transportation

13) traditional local clothing
Local Clothing

14) night sky
Almost Full Moon

15) sunrise

16) local product non food
A Local Product

17) something furry
17) something furry

18) something feathery
Red Wing Black Bird

19) a sign of the season
A Sign of the Season

20) a part of you
A Peice of Me

21) your main hobby
My Hobby

22) a local shop
A Local Shop

23) a local restaurant
Old Man Franks

24) a street sign
Slow Down

25) a local mail box
Local Mailbox

Visit NicoleB Photography for all the details.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~


  1. Hey, thanks for joining up and playing along.
    Looking forward to see what you come up with :D!

  2. Hey there, you gonna post the last shots?
    Pls let me know, today is the last day.

    Voting Poll is up.

  3. What you could do, is maybe have a look around what others came up with.
    I could squeeze my eyes with one entry missing, but that's a few too many ;)

  4. ooooooh awwwwwwwwww that red winged black bird just pops out of the picture at me.

  5. Thanks Pamela, hope all my pictures are being enjoyed. I had fun with the project.

  6. Ha ha our transportation pics are about the same;)

    Nice job on your pics.

  7. Love love the photo hunt idea. I adore the area you live in but have to say your "wildlife" scares me? What kind of a spider was that??

  8. It is called a Huntsman Spider. They are very harmless just big, fast and creepy lol. They tend to sneak into to house during the summer which always turns everyone including my hubby into a squealing girl LMAO.


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