Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Amazing Dolphin Phenomenon

I have often sat in the underwater viewing at SeaWorld and watched the dolphins blow these bubbles, it is a fascinating stunt they do with the air from their blow holes. I once was watching and there was a girl there with a slinky and they would swim right at the glass and blow the bubble ring at her.
She told me she goes there on a regular occasion and sits there to do that. It seems to stimulate them to do this effect.
I have also heard that it is a hunting technique they use in the wild to basically herd fish. This certainly seems feasible.

Whatever the reasoning though this is a magical occurrence to watch as they play with their bubbles and put on a show for their audience behind the glass.

Just recently Charles Gibson aired a segment on World News about this and SeaWorld staff spoke about how the dolphins have learned this trick.
However my belief is that they obviously had a dolphin in there from the wild that already knew how to do this hunting technique. The dolphins that were born and raised at Sea World learned it from this dolphin. A few years ago only one or two of the dolphins actually did this but now as you can see in this video they all seem to be.

Enjoy the video and the amazing dolphin bubbles.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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