Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Dirty Laundry, New Toys, and an IKEA Visit

My life currently has been filled with a bit of drama. My 20 yr old sister in law for starters was dumped by her boyfriend of 1 yr, he was perfect for her. Granted a bit older than her but none the less was perfect. We all thought the world of him, he treated her wonderfully. He had asked her to marry him at Christmas even.

Well he being a man of 26 - 27 likes to go out a few nights a week to the play poker with his buddies and at least once a week go to the bar after he gets off work at night. Well she started bitching at him for this. She felt he wasn't taking her anywhere (When it fact he took her everywhere she wanted to go during the day.) Well of course he got upset over it and after asking her not to bitch at him for stuff like that and of course other issues he dumped her, sent her back home to live with Mommy and Daddy. Well a week later she realizes she isn't feeling right, her period was late and low and behold she takes a pregnancy test and its positive. She tells him, they get her into the dr and the test there is negative. Dr sends off for blood work and it comes back positive. I then get her more test and she takes them and they come out positive. We get her to an OB/GYN which she now would be 10 weeks along and the pee test there is negative and they have taken a blood sample now and sent that off so we are awaiting that and she goes in on Tues for an Ultrasound to find out whats going on.

This has been so much drama over the past 6 weeks it ended up making me late LMAO I get the daily updates of her puking, crying, nasty texts between them. Whatever.

I have a sneaking suspicion that she probably lost it. She did have some odd bleeding recently.

Ok done with the dirty laundry, now onto the cool stuff LOL

My birthday is FRIDAY and I am turning the big 30 aggh. Well I had been on this mission to get my hands on an iphone preferably and I was gonna unlock it and jailbreak it and use it on T-Mobile. I was even willing to buy a cracked one at a highly discounted price and fix it myself.

Well my hubby surprised me 2 weeks ago with a iPod Touch, he got it as a refurb directly from Apple and it is SOOO Nice.

I have downloaded so many apps LOL. And yes I did take the time to upload my music to it also hehe.

Oh hey and how cool is this, I am turning 30 this week. The big Apple keynote is today and WWDC 2009 is this week and there is all sorts of buzz that the 3.0 OS for the iPhone and iPod Touch will release this week hehe. Coincidence hummm

For hubby whos Birthday was June 1st I got him an Sidekick Slide so we both have new toys hehe.

Oh an yesterday I took my first trip to IKEA, I am so in love with that place LOL. But I learned never to go again with the squirt in tow OMG.
my Hubby has been wanting a shelf by his desk for a while. I found one that I liked and it was only $20, then I realized the color I wanted was not in stock. So I figured I would come back another time.
We get downstairs and are ready to leave and see a section called "AS IS" basically a scratch and dent area. Low and Behold they had my shelf there and for only $5.50 so that is my first visit to IKEA Experience. I LOVE THE PLACE.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~


  1. I SO lust after the iPhone. I'm thinking birthday.

  2. Sweet goodness. Hope all goes well in the end with your SIL!

    And yeah, I love IKEA as well :)!
    Thanks to heavens the next one is over 80km away. One way :)

  3. Sounds like an event filled week. Iphones are nice, I love them, but Im after something from LG personally. I got the Shine on the AT&T Network, but I think when I upgrade Ill get either the Vue or LG Touch or something.

    Happy 30th, it was a real eye opener for me earlier this year as well.


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