Friday, June 12, 2009

Um Yeah Happy Birthday and such

Ok so today is my 30th Birthday, I usually am quite excited for my birthday and up until yesterday I was my usual excited self.

THEN... It hit "OMFG I'm going to be 30!!!! " Driving down the interstate I'm bawling my eyes out over the fact. And now today while everyone is sending me big wonderful greetings and my email box was full of greetings from forums I just want to go back home go back to bed and not think about today. I keep welling up over the idea and I really don't get it other than for the fact that 10 years ago I saw myself having some college under my belt which has not happened and I'm still afraid of the process.

I'm in a decent job, I don't get raises as often as I should or without asking and right now I can't bring myself to ask for one due to the current economy. I suppose I should just be grateful to be employed.

I'm driving a car that hasn't had a working A/C for over 2 years now because the mechanic wants over $1000 to fix it. (Thanks Suzuki for making your parts non OEM)
Oh and now it sounds like the front end is going to fall out from under it. Hubby is trying to figure out a way to get me a Mini-Van or a small SUV but who knows how that is going to go. I just know he plans on giving up his Pickup for it.

All in all I just don't feel I'm where I should be at 30. I feel like my life has been running backwards since High School and like I will do what I should have done fresh out of High School when I'm to old for it to matter.

So anyways YAY Happy Birthday to me sigh "I treated myself to Panera for lunch hehe"

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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