Wednesday, July 8, 2009


After the weekend we had with the plumbing issues and then hubby having Jury Duty on Monday also it had totally slipped our minds that today was the squirts Birthday. Up until 10 last night when he comes running out saying "Mommy, Daddy guess what my birthday is tomorrow!!" and we exchange the oh shit look because we had both forgot. Sigh

I felt like the most horrible parent last night and now have to do something tonight so we have some sort of party for him lol

SO sweety if you ever read this when you get older I'm soooo sorry that Mommy is a bit brain dead at times.

I took this picture of him this morning sleeping in his little pop up tent that he has been wanting to sleep in lately. I tried to wake him up to say Happy Birthday but he wouldn't budge so I took a pic of his sleepy birthday head :)

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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