Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to Pencils, Back to Books, Back to Teachers Dirty Looks

Back to School is right around the corner for my kiddos, and it just caught up to me that we are in fact in August and I decided to look at the High School's website and come to find out my son is expected to come pick up his schedule this Sat. Its a damn good thing I looked otherwise we would have never known. You would think they would send something in the mail for at least the freshmen so they are not so lost over this new process.

I had no idea he had a reading list of 17 books for this summer so of course he hasn't read a damn thing sigh.

So now I'm feeling like High School is off to a real bang before he has even walked through those doors into High School :|

I'm terrified that 9th grade is gonna eat him alive. He is a great kid but he slacks ALOT and I just don't think he is gonna find his niche where his slacking is gonna work out for him this year.

Now my other concern my little one he is going into 1st Grade and we had such issues with behavior out of him for Kindergarten and I'm afraid it is gonna continue because we have not had a very good summer of getting him to straighten out at all.

And now of course on top of all that OMG school shopping AGGGH and we are behind on bills so I can see this not working out so well sigh.

Ah well so is my life,
~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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