Monday, August 10, 2009

My Boys Room Needs HELP!!

My boys Michael 14 and Kason 6 share a room and having a bed in each corner takes up alot of room that they certainly could use more wisely.

If I were to win the $500 Gift Card for Wal-Mart to transform your teens room using their Your Zone Products being given away over at the Dr Mommy Chronicles, the first item grabbed would certainly be a bunk bed as the boys will also tell you in the video lol thats the number one thing they want.

Their room is totally mismatched, and not at all designed. From the moment we moved in a few years ago we have never had the money to make it more.

Now that Kason is getting older he is most certainly gonna need to upgrade out of his toddler bed and I'm not so sure the room can handle to twin beds.

Michael is going into High School this year and I'm sure he could use a better option of a desk so he can do his homework at it also instead of lounging in bed. So over all I would use the money to give them more room, organized and more resourceful of the space so they get more out of their room.

Hope you like the video and catch ya in a few weeks at the end of the contest.

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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