Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to School Woes

As the end of the 2nd week back to school comes to an end I can finally relax a little bit.

The first day last week was horrible. I got my little one over to his new sitter for in the mornings and that all went well. Then come that afternoon terror hit. My oldest is waiting for my little one to get off the bus and he was not on the bus. He got on the bus and checked it over asking wheres my brother. No one could give him an answer.
He runs down the street to see if he got off at the new sitters house and nope he wasn't there either.
I in the mean time am calling school in hysterics wanting to know where my child is.
First I get put on hold they ask his teacher and she says her paperwork shows him as a car rider. Which I immediately am like "WHAT!!!! NO HE IS NOT" They call the teachers taking care of car riders and tell me he got in a van. I am going nuts by this point like WTF is wrong with these people. I'm ready to hop in my car and fly the 50 miles to home. After a few more mins on hold they tell me ok ok we have him, he is here in the office. And I get my one neighbor to take my oldest up to pick him up.

So of course after this chaos I write a stern letter to his teacher demanding to find out what happened and am told he was wrote on the list of car riders saying he would be picked up by a blue car to ride home with his Nana.
Um NO!! I wrote he would be a bus rider on all paper work sent back to the school there is no way in hell I wrote that and my mother doesn't drive a blue car.

I really should have gone to the school and raised hell over this but have not had time. It just freaks me out to think why something like that would have been wrote. Was someone trying to take my kid? I just don't know. SIGH

On the other hand my oldest is having a pretty good start to High School so YAY lol
MCJROTC, TV Production and all Honors classes. Busy Busy Year

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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