Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Wish - Help a Family

This is something I would like to start this year with everything being so bad is pick a family that needs help each year. This year however it hits close to my heart. My very dear friend Crystal is having a really rough year. It started late last year around this time her husband lost his job and her brother who had a place they could live in, in Texas let them move out there from Florida and her husband found a new job. Well things started going really sour with their marriage after that move and by May he left her stranded in Texas with 3 kids 2 boys and 1 girl ages at the time 7, 5 and 3. By July she was desperate to get out of Texas at least close to family again and I help her find some really cheap airplane tickets and brother paid to send her back home to New Hampshire to be closer to family so they could help her.
Well they only i guess felt the need to help her through the summer, once school started the help eased off to weekends only and only when it is convenient.
She is finally getting child support but its next to nothing and what was originally agreed on, the State of Texas is now getting a part of it so she barely has any money to take care of the kids.

She is staying with her mother until she can find a place to live but that is going to run out as the place her mother lives does not allow people to stay over 2 weeks if they are not on the lease and they already got in trouble and told to get her out immediately.

But anyways my concern is to make sure her kids have a nice Christmas after the year they have had on moves and Daddy leaving and seeing Mommy worrying where their next meal is coming from.
I am sending up my box of Zhu Zhu Pets for her daughter because she sees them on TV and goes nuts and my son liked them but well he is a boy and got tired of them.

But basically I would like to put together a Santa Care Package for her so she knows Christmas will be fine.

The kids are Devon who is now 8, Dylan who is now 6 and Katie she is 4.

If you could donate anything for me to send their way I would be so much appreciative.

I myself am in a bit of a bind for Christmas, who isn't I know, so I can only hope that my blogging community can help me make her Christmas a little better.

I would say if you want I can set up a paypal acct but just let me know.

Thank You,
~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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