Monday, September 14, 2009

A life a bit turned upside down

I lied in bed alone last night. I don't even hear the sound of him breathing out on the couch. Its hauntingly quiet in the house now that the kids are in bed.
I know he is just in the hospital for a few days but it feels cold and lonely right now. There is a bit of uncertainty as to when he will be coming home. Things are not progressing as they should or as they would if I was there to prod.

Just an glimpse into how I'm feeling after my crazy, worrisome weekend.

It started the previous weekend, my 6 yr was quite sick for Labor day weekend. Running a fever, coughing no appetite. Then on Sunday my hubby started not feeling well and started showing the same symptoms as the little guy so now they were both sick. Come Tuesday after noon my 14 yr old came home from school feeling the same way. So there it was all 3 were miserable except for the fact my 6 yr was feeling better by Tues night and got sent on to school for the rest of the week.

Weds afternoon on my way home my hubby tells me his knee (that he hurt at work back in June and that has had a little bit of fluid in it but other than that has been fine) has swollen up to twice its size and turned red and is burning. I try to convince him he needs to come to town with me the next day so I can get him an emergency appt with the orthopedic dr he has been seeing but he says that WC won't work fast enough to get him in same day. I think its bull but don't push anymore. I call Thurs and make him an appt for Friday. Friday comes we go to the appt the dr trys to drain the knee without much luck, he says there is debris in the fluid and that we have to go to the hospital now. We go they hook him up to an antibiotic through the IV and he is scheduled for surgery for Sat morning. The dr explains to us he is going to cut the knee open clean it all out and put drains in and close it back up, if this does not work and to much fluid still starts coming in he says he will cut it back open and leave it open to heal from the inside out.

Thankfully surgery appears to have went well there is not that much fluid showing in the drains, his dr will be talking to him today now and hopefully we will get results from infectious diseases to find out what the infection was. Also hopefully they will get him out of bed today because they didn't yesterday like they should have.

I sure wish I could bring him home today but I do not seeing it happening till maybe tomorrow. I am stuck at work today, he wants out of his bed so much as he has been on his ass since Friday night.

My inlaws watched the kids over the weekend however I still had to make the 100 mile round trip to let my dogs out on Sat, tried to relax, squeezed in a shower and took back off to Orlando. Spent the night Sat with hubby left at noon yesterday to get the kids and go home and take care of stuff at home so they would be ready for school and now here I am sitting at work waiting for my hubby to call me so I can listen in on the conversation he has with his dr today.

I'm drained, physically and emotionally. I keep eating and trying to rest but I really ahve no appetite, my gut is just in knots. Rest is not that easy either. Sat night had to be my best night sleep all weekend since I was by his side but still there was alot of interruptions all night long.

I've requested of my 6 yr olds teacher to please exempt him from homework this week as there is no way I'm going to have time to help him. Its just physically not possible at this point sigh.
However she is a real "Winner" so we'll see what she actually does if her ditzy head can grasp that there is a note in his agenda.

Ok my head hurts, must go.
~Mom with a Scattered Mind~


  1. I hope life settles down.

    Happy blogoversary!

  2. We all go through such things in life. Just hold your head high and look forward to the future


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