Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ok so yesterday involved quite a bit of fussing and whining and really just being bratty and this was all from me not the soon to be 7 yr old LMAO

Ok so yes I have a jailbroken iPhone, seriously anyone who doesn't want to be on AT&T crappy service basically does because the service is crappy there the phone however is not and works PREFECTLY fine on other services ie. T-Mobile. Where I have happily been for quite some time now.

Well yesterday my poor phone decided to have a melt down and is now stuck in a boot loop that I can not recover from because now to restore to a new firmware I must wait for the genius people who manage to figure these jailbreaks out. Bless them so :)

But yes yesterday was me whining and crying because I really felt like my phone crapping out like that I lost a best friend lol, its there with me all the time it keeps me entertained, it helps me communicate all the time and now its sitting on a charging waiting. Waiting for a chance to revive to a new operating system.

So again I ask WHATS IT TO YOU APPLE, why do you care where we take your precious iPhone. If we pay for it why do you care AGGGH. The last I heard your friggin contract ended with AT&T stop kissing their ass. Spread the love around some go to other companies. Believe me Steve, T-Mobile would be very happy to hang from your !@#$@ also.

Ok so I started this post yesterday thus the date at the top, still no luck its stuck in this horrid boot loop with no hope still until the wonders that be of smart hackers get 4.0 jailbroke for my version sigh.

Still down troddin, and have not slept well imagining walking in the office and seeing something different.

Einsteins definition of insantiy "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different." Yes I can see that LMAO

Now don't let this make me sound like I'm just obsessed with my phone but yeah I text alot, and I use it to keep notes and it has all my contacts and I'm sorry my crappy little cheap nextel for work just does not cut it for these things LMAO.


Back to Work just figured I'd finish this post before I did actually get the phone back up and working lol.

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