Monday, August 2, 2010

iPhone Drama - Apple makes my head spin

So for over a year I was a happy owner of a 1st generation iPhone. When you haven't had anything but that or a standard cell you don't know anything what the better ones are like and are cool with that lol.
Well Apple went and screwed that whole thing up since they had to go and come out with the iPhone 4 and make my poor little 1st Gen obsolete. So my hubby being the sweet guy he is went above and beyond to find me a 3Gs that wasn't crazy expensive. Which he did and we thought we were getting the right version of it. Well after a long drive to pick it up we found out that there was no hope on jailbreaking it. So it has sat in its box for weeks now waiting for a new jailbreak and I was using a 3G that needless to say does not run iOS 4 worth anything using.

Last night when he got home we got the best news that the jailbreak had finally come to jailbreak all devices no matter the boot rom or whatever. And it worked!!

Apple and the dev teams make me go through such a roller coaster its nuts. But I am now finally on a not obsolete iPhone again and it runs iOS 4 like a dream.

The dev teams and the hard work they do to get these phones working for the masses and not just for people stuck with AT&T is great. I'm with T-Mobile and plan to stay here for a while.

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