Saturday, September 18, 2010

Product Review - Waterpic SinuSense

We have all seen the videos on youtube of people trying out their netipots and had a good laugh but really what you don't realize is they really do work.

MomSelect and Waterpic were so kind as to send me 2 different versions of Waterpics SinuSense line. The Squeeze Bottle and Neti Bottle.
The benefit of using one of these is it helps clear out your sinuses and helpswith congestion when used daily.
Its a very nice alternative to taking medicine all the time, at first it might feel a bit silly to be running water through your sinuses but you get used to and begin enjoying the benefits of cleared sinuses.

I have been using a neti pot for a couple months so when they offered me to try these I figured it might be nice to try something different.

I had my 7 yr old son try out the Squeeze Bottle, as both of the Waterpic products say they are safe for children over 4. Where as regular neti pots say for over 12 only.
He did very well for his first time but as you will see in the below video he was not liking it to much LOL.

Next I tried the Neti Bottle and it was nice having control over the flow as it has a flow control valve on the side of it as you will see in the video below.

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