Monday, October 18, 2010


We have all seen this sticker I am sure. And for the most part most of us are all for what it stands for. My Father and My Uncle both loved riding their motorcycles and at the same time managed to ride abiding the law and not endangering others by driving them like a crazy person. As is the case for I would say about 30 - 40% of people who ride them.

What I find funny about this saying is the other 60 - 70% who like to include themselves in that statement drive like total assholes. I'm sorry just because you are driving something that is an 1/8 of the size of the other vehicles on the road does not give you special exemptions and permissions to do some of the most insane and dangerous things imaginable.

We drive a long length of the interstate daily and see some of the craziest stunts from people on motorcycles. And no I am not lumping everyone into one category, I realize there are some people who drive as they should and treat it as any other vehicle, and I'm sure this other percentage that drive crazy probably drive just as bad in a car.
Its just sometimes hard to get behind such a decent cause when there are so many that make that group look bad. I'm sorry the stunts alot of them pull they deserve to have whats coming to them.

There was an accident here in Orlando one day where a lady was in a turn lane waiting to cross the highway and this motorcycle coming down the highway driving over 100 mph looses it hits the minivan in the side while she was sitting waiting to cross and killed all her children in the car. But you don't really hear of these stories where the motorcyclist was at fault because he was being stupid. Its always the other way around.

I'm sure I might get flamed for this post but I see it too often driving the interstate, motorcycles driving down the center of cars, or on the shoulder, speeding in and out around cars just because they feel they can. And yet we are the ones that are suppose to look out for them when they are driving like that. They need to look out also for themselves and others.

Thanks for hearing my rant,

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