Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Left Lane Aggravation

Stock Photo from morguefile.com
By: Mary K Baird
Here in the State of Florida there is no current law in place as of yet that state the left lane is for passing only. There seems to be some talk that they are trying to get it passed but has not yet.

Any ways, my current aggravation is this. I drive the Interstate everyday for a long distance, between work and home. My driving style is I ride at 5 over the speed limit. It is within the allowed limits of the law and still driving safe but it at least gets me where I'm going just a bit faster.

It also works out in my favor at getting through the interstate traffic if I ride in the left lane doing my 5 over which in most cases I'm passing everyone anyways.

What I hate is when I get these people that say and think that the left is for you to speed and try and push me out of the way. Well excuse me I am essentially faster traffic. I am driving past people in the other lanes so I have every right to be in the left lane as any of these other jack wads that want to speed.

I don't see how I could be considered as impeding the flow of traffic in the left lane if I am already over the speed limit, why does it make it ok for them to speed even more and that I should get over and have to play leap frog with the middle lane just to stay out of their way.

I-4 has 3 lanes and the middle lane is not the safest place to be on I-4 ever. Does not matter what part of it your on, the middle lane is crazy because there are so many exits along I-4 and people will ride in the left lane and then realize their exit came up and cut across all 3 lanes of traffic to get to it. I'm sorry but why should I put myself in that position to have to make defensive maneuvers when there is a lane available for my long drive where I can avoid that craziness.

Thank you for tolerating my rant, I needed to get my thoughts out there.

And I leave you with a clip from our local news discussing this.

Tell me what you think, leave your comments below on your thoughts. Am I wrong? Should I just deal with playing leap frog and the dangers of the middle lane?


  1. Just like you have the right to travel faster on the left lane than right lane traffic, someone traveling faster than you has the right to push you to the right. Just because you are traveling 5 mph over the speed limit set by the government, doesn't give YOU the right to block traffic moving faster than you. If someone high-beams you from behind, then please move to the side and let him pass. Im sure you wouldn't like someone blocking you in if you're in a hurry. It is an unwritten rule to move to the side for faster traffic.

  2. So CE so the Speed Limit sign means nothing then? It's not HER problem that you're late and want to play Bully. People use that "unwritten" rule to meet "Their" needs and break the rules/laws when it suits them. They don't care who's doing "Right" as long as they get right out of "their" damn way so please give me a break, The world only revolves around them and all they care about is themselves or whoever can help them achieve their purpose and then screw the rest. I also bet that you all of a sudden get a Halo above you when you see a Cop, and slow to under the speed limit like everyone else like you don't do anything wrong either. People who constantly abuse the system is why it's also broken, if they raise it another 5 or 10 mph you'll still wanna do 20 over too meet your own selfish needs.


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