Friday, February 11, 2011

T-Mobile Promotion Fail!!

You would have to be under a rock to not have heard of the promotion T-Mobile is offering today and tomorrow only. FREE SMARTPHONES!!!

Thats right people, they are promoting it as Free Smartphones for qualifying accounts to upgrade and also new accounts with a 2 yr agreement.

Now what they did not make super clear till you got in the store is that you would be purchasing that phone out right today. And would get a Visa card with $200 on it in 6 - 8 weeks. Come on seriously T-Mobile nothing says love like pay us $200 and we'll give it back in a month and half to 2 months.

SO yes I am less then happy right now. I was ready to do a handset upgrade but not at the expense of a $200 hit to my wallet oh heck no.

So I'm still on my jailbroken iPhone and I guess its really and oh well since I will have it on current firmware by this evening so YIPPEE.

Just was a wasted trip there this morning for when they opened to deal with it.

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