Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Social Network Site for MOMS!!

I was just introduced to this new social network directed towards Moms. It was built to connect moms with bloggers.
The name might make you think its only for new Moms but its not.
Moms new and well educated in the fine art of mothering are joining together discussing all sorts of topics.

They have blogs with an array of bloggers, a forum, classifieds section and so much more.

Looking for something new to make? they have all sorts of recipes listed and they look DELISH!!

I also had a little birdie tell me that they will have an app soon for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

This really seems like Facebook for Moms!! :) Another place for you to get your social networking fix on day to day and make new friends on the way.

Head on over to and check it out.

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