Monday, March 28, 2011

App Recommendation: Logmein Ignition

I've used Logmein for a long time now. I have their free account and it is always so nice to be able to help my mom out when she needs help with her computer. Or my friend that lives way up north. I also make use of it to get files from my computer at home when I've at work and vice versa. This combined with is an AWESOME combo.
Well with Logmein Ignition for iDevices, you no longer have to sit at a computer to do these things. Its as simple as opening and app and a few clicks and your on the computer you need to be on in no time.

It is also available for android and windows.

Makes being able to go about the things you need to do away from the office and still have the office with you.

At $29.99 it really is a small investment to have that convenience. I've tried other apps like it and that they are considerably slower and the feel of the motion of the mouse is just not as fluid.

Its also always fun to freak my boss out when he emails me and asks for something to be printed and I do it while I'm not there LMAO.

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