Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New iPhone App Recommendation - Flare by greenlike

 If you like HDR Photos your gonna love this app. Flare by greenlike gives you real time HDR video. The video here is a quick sample outside my office with my iPhone 3Gs.
Yes this app works with iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4. It uses the capabilities of the camera to adjust lighting.

It also has different settings you can play with for different HDR effects.

Description from iTunes & yes right now it is only $.99 so how awesome is that.


Shoot video. In HDR. In real time. From the creators of the world's first true HDR video.

To say thanks for making Flare a top app and in New and Noteworthy - HALF OFF SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME!


✭ tone-mapping effects live as you film
✭ focus independently of exposure* - just tap then drag
✭ pinch to ZOOM
✭ easily lock white balance, exposure, and focus with a tap
✭ share full quality videos to facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr, flickr, and more

* independent focus and exposure available on devices which support focus, which means iPhone 4 and 3Gs.

(BTW, it's also AirPlay enabled. And supports 16:9 letterbox for the viewfinder, to frame your shots precisely.)

So I would suggest going and grabbing this up and have fun filming this summer :) Get Flare Here

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