Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ok we all know the concept of eBay, and we are all quickly learning eBay sucks nowadays. And for the most part we get the concept of Craigslist and know that most of us will get taken for a ride on there.

Well here is a new idea, kinda gives you the concept of Freecycle except you get something out of it too.
Listia is like eBay where as you list something in an auction format, yet instead of earning money you earn credits which you can then use to spend on something else. The only Money that gets exchanged is for Shipping if you choose to charge to ship the item. Lots of people seem to even offer that for free.

If you Follow my Link Here CLICK HERE you will receive 100 credits for free for signing up with me as a gift. They also give you little tasks to do that earn you more credits. You may purchase credits if you wish but it they make it very easy to get started for free and list some items and go win some items without spending any money.

Here is my first listing. Bid on it if your interested I'll appreciate it very much ;)

more free stuff on Listia

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  1. Great, some competition for the overly moderated, holier than thou Freecycle groups. I hope it takes off. The only downside is having to package something up for shipment. I wonder if you can at least get reimbursed and how they manage it so it is not taken advantage of.
    get stuff for free/


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