Monday, March 10, 2008

Going out on your anniversary with kids

Ok so as my previous post stated today is our 6th wedding anniversary, i nudged and nudged to go out for dinner tonight even if it required taking the kids since we had no one to watch them. We went to Sonny's as that was one of the choices I presented hubby LOL. The kids were slightly tolerable but everyone around us was terrible. Its amazing how civilized people have forgotten how to act like they are civilized.

We had a family behind us that the husband got up and went out to the car with his kid and their to go boxes and left his wife who was on a cane and either his mother or her mother who is also on a cane to fend for themselves. The waitress helped the younger woman out by moving the table after she had just requested 50 million things of this poor waitress and then the nice waitress also helped the older woman up.

Next we have this loud outspoken family over a few tables from us and they are harassing the waitresses and then have the nerve to sit and hold up a piece of meat from their plate making a huge loud deal about if it was a piece of a rat. I mean hello, kidding or not there are people eating. Thankfully we were basically done. My hubby was just waiting for his last reorder.

Then to complete this wonderful evening our waitress started rushing us out of the restaurant and it wasn't even 8:30 yet. She was practically just standing waiting for us to lay our credit card down with the check so she could get rid of us.

So all in all our kids thankfully were kinda behaved at least compared to the wonderful patrons and employees at the restaurant we ate at. SIGH

~Mom with a Scattered Mind~

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